Select a Location

The 4Wheelz RouteMate will help prospective drivers all around the West Midlands to practice typical and example driving test routes. This nifty tool will help you to encounter similar roads that you might be taken on during your driving test. We have covered the key driving test centres in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas and will be adding more test centres and more routes in the future.

Choose a test centre location on the right and then pick a route from the drop-down menu at the top. Select the play button and you will be taken along a route starting and ending at the test centre. The video shows similar roads commonly used by test examiners. By selecting the pause button you can drag the Street View image to take a closer look at tricky junctions or traffic hotspots.
Whilst these example driving test routes will give you an indication of the type of roads and situations you could possibly encounter it is important to understand that it is not necessary to drive on these routes. Your 4 Wheelz Driving Instructor will be training you to handle all road and traffic situations and will be teaching you a life skill that is by far much more involved than just practicing or seeing these example test routes.